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Name Laureen Kautt BCC
About Me Recognized for building and evolving global talent acquisition functions, Laureen Kautt is a Global Talent Acquisition Executive and Board Certified Coach (BCC) who integrates a 360-degree view into the function and strategy for building and evolving talent acquisition functions for global organizations. Her expertise engages companies to rethink the way they view recruitment and talent. By translating her decades of agency recruitment experience to corporate, Laureen provides talent acquisition consultation to large global companies offering recruitment practices and strategies across North America, EMEA, and APAC. Laureen is a speaker, author, and trainer. She authors her own column on, “Confessions of a Corporate Talent Acquisition Leader” and is frequently asked to contribute to national and global publications on the topic of recruiting. She is requested to sit on panel discussions aligned with corporate talent acquisition technology and innovation. Laureen is also the Founder and Principal Coach of Volitionary Movement, LLC, where she is engaged for individual, group, and corporate coaching, outplacement services, talent acquisition recruitment training, and job-seeking seminars. She is master trained and certified on strategic intervention coaching methods and strategies from Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching (RMT). Laureen is currently engaged by DISCO as the Senior Talent Advisor for their Sales and Go to Market in the US and EMEA.