Model Code of Conduct Project

EDRM is proud to announce the publication of the Model Code of Conduct (MCoC), which sets forth ethical guidelines for business conduct between the providers of electronic discovery services, software and other products, their clients and other providers. The MCoC was drafted by members of the EDRM MCoC Project and reflects years of exhaustive dialogue and a wide array of viewpoints, including corporations, law firms and service providers.

The MCoC is designed to promote predictability and stability in the legal industry for both providers and consumers of electronic discovery products and services. In conjunction with the official publication, EDRM is inviting corporations and service providers, including consultants, vendors, service bureaus, software companies and law firms, to voluntarily subscribe to the MCoC by registering on the EDRM website.

Voluntary registration as a MCoC subscriber indicates that an organization adheres to the principles, corollaries and guidelines set forth in the MCoC.

Please note that the MCoC is not intended to serve as a liability standard, and registration as a subscribing organization does not give rise to legal liability. EDRM claims no enforcement authority over the MCoC, and accordingly will not investigate reported “violations” of the MCoC. An organization that voluntarily subscribes to the MCoC, but is reported to regularly act in contradiction of the letter and/or spirit of the MCoC, may be publicly identified and removed from the subscriber list.

There is no cost to subscribe.

We sincerely hope that you will join us in ushering in the era of the mature electronic discovery marketplace by becoming a MCoC subscribing organization.


Eric P. Mandel, Esq.
Kevin L. Esposito, Esq.
Nancy Wallrich, Esq.
Co-Chairs, EDRM MCoC Project