With over three decades of experience working on the world’s largest cases, ZyLAB is a proven solution partner to legal professionals in corporations, law firms and governments worldwide. Our flagship solution, ZyLAB ONE is an end-to-end cloud-based or on-premises eDiscovery platform.

eDiscovery, by its nature, is a risky, stressful endeavor for any organization. Time is in short supply, and there’s no room for error. With no two information requests the same in size, complexity or need, your organization must adapt to the context of each case, and you need a solution that works with you. With ZyLAB ONE, you’ll have an eDiscovery solution that’s powerful, adaptive, and intuitive enough to meet any challenge, with an ROI you can’t afford to pass on.

Powerful –Machine learning provides you with actionable insights in minutes and enables faster, more accurate searching, review and production of documents. ZyLAB ONE adheres to the latest security standards so your sensitive data is safe at all times.

Adaptive – Your cases involve different types and volumes of unstructured data and often changing use cases. ZyLAB ONE is highly configurable and adapts to your needs, not the other way around.

Intuitive – Powerful eDiscovery doesn’t need to be complex. ZyLAB ONE enables users to do their work in an easy to use platform. There’s no training required to get started, but world-class support available at all times if you need it.

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