Data Hygiene Self Assessments

This new project is being championed by Marlon Hylton, CEO of Innov-8 Data Counsel & Innov-8 Legal Inc., and is seeking project participants. Data hygiene is defined by the International Data Sanitization Consortium as the process of ensuring all incorrect, duplicate or unused data is properly classified and migrated into the appropriate lifecycle stage for storage, archival or destruction on an ongoing basis through automated policy enforcement. By following data hygiene best practices, organizations can effectively manage ‘where’ their data is throughout the lifecycle and reduce the amount of data they store by successfully destroying it (when applicable) to reduce legal, regulatory, and security risks and costs.

This project seeks to provide an automated, online tool for organizations to evaluate the status of their data hygiene practices. Given the social distancing measures in place globally at the moment, and the attendant increase in employees working remotely, we propose starting with a cyber and data hygiene assessment test for a remote workforce, which would be particularly useful for employees and organizations at this time.  We are inviting participants to assist with the development of questions for these assessments.  Innov-8 data scientist and developers will then build the online tool for publication.

The cyber and data hygiene assessment test for a remote workforce must be developed on an accelerated timeline to maximize relevance.

Project Champion:

Marlon Hylton, CEO of Innov-8 Data Counsel & Innov-8 Legal Inc.


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