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Voluntary registration as a MCoC subscriber indicates that the subscriber adheres to the principles, corollaries and guidelines set forth in the MCoC.

Please note that the MCoC is not intended to serve as a liability standard, and subscribing does not give rise to legal liability. EDRM claims no enforcement authority over the MCoC, and accordingly will not investigate reported “violations” of the MCoC. An organization or individual that voluntarily subscribes to the MCoC, but is reported to regularly act in contradiction of the letter and/or spirit of the MCoC, may be publically identified and removed from the subscriber list.

There is no cost to subscribe.

Upon acceptance of your subscription, you or your organization will be added to a list of MCoC subscribers available for public view on the EDRM website. Subscribers are authorized to use the EDRM MCoC Subscriber logo on their websites, in their tradeshow booths, website, and on other marketing and business materials.

To subscribe to the MCoC, please complete and submit form below.

You may download the MCoC without subscribing to it.

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