The Primer on eDiscovery in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Region

About this project

eDiscovery practices and procedures in the Asia Pacific (APAC) region vary greatly depending on the origins of a given jurisdiction’s legal system.  Countries with common law systems, such as Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore, have well-established eDiscovery practices and procedures in their respective court rules.  In jurisdictions based on civil law or hybrid legal systems orders and/or directions for discovery are less common.  However, discovery processes in the APAC region are commonly used in international arbitrations, for document production pursuant to notices or subpoenas to produce documents in foreign regulatory investigations, and for internal investigations.

The Primer on eDiscovery in the Asia Pacific (APAC) Region 2021 (1476 downloads )

Drafting Team


Susan Bennett, Project Trustee and Principal Drafter, led a global team to create a primer on eDiscovery, region by region.  Originally chartered by The Sedona Conference®, EDRM is honored to publish this primer at the request of the project team and Sedona.  EDRM plans to webify the content and provide pages for each country, much like the interactive state rules for the next version of the primer.  Updates are very welcome for this Version.

AustraliaMaureen Duffy
ChinaJared T. Nelson
Tom S. Groom
IndiaSandeep Jadav
JapanSebastian Ko
Daryl Osuch
Hong KongSebastian Ko
KoreaDavid Kang
MalaysiaGita Radhakrishna
New ZealandMaureen Duffy
Andrew King
SingaporeGita Radhakrishna