Whether conducted solely by EDRM, or in conjunction with multiple 3rd party organizations and experts, EDRM’s podcast series cover a wide variety of topics eDiscovery practitioners need to know.

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Illumination Zone

  • Illumination Zone: Episode 170 | Brett Burney of Nextpoint and Doug Austin of eDiscovery Today sit down with Kaylee & Mary
    Brett Burney, eLaw evangelist for Nextpoint and Doug Austin, editor of eDiscovery Today, both EDRM Trusted Partners, sit down with Kaylee and Mary to talk about the trends they are seeing in hyperlinked modern attachments, GenAI and deepfake evidence and eDiscovery for the small to medium law firm.
  • Illumination Zone: Episode 169 | Gabe Landau of HaystackID sits down with Kaylee & Mary
    In Illumination Zone Episode 169, Gabe Landau, Vice President of eDiscovery & Incident Response Solutions for EDRM Trusted Partner HaystackID, sits down with Kaylee and Mary to talk about his journey to eDiscovery, from the Amazing Race and Fear Factor to Net Diligence and Cyber Incident Response. We also discussed Gabe’s approach to client relationship building in light of his nomination for EDRM Trusted Partner, Relativity’s highly coveted Customer Experience Innovation Award.
  • Illumination Zone: Episode 168 | John Burchfield sits down with Kaylee & Mary
    John Burchfield, CEO at EDRM Trusted Partner, Venio Systems, sits down with Kaylee & Mary to talk about what he is seeing with AI in eDiscovery, Venio’s new interface and unified code base for on premise, cloud and hybrid, his surprising choice of dinner guest and where people can find Venio Systems online and at ILTA.

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eDiscovery After Hours

  • eDiscovery After Hours Episode 37 | David Meadows
    David Meadows is a Senior Managing Director at FTI. In the episode, we talked about how he went from growing up in small town Iowa to splitting time between Chicago and Toronto for the past 15 years, how he picked up cycling during COVID and his 100-mile bike rides, and some of the technology that differentiates FTIs discovery practice. Mix up an Old Fashioned and listen in!
  • eDiscovery After Hours | Episode 36 | Andreas Mueller
    Andreas Mueller is the founder and CEO of Downstreem. In this episode, we discuss the multiple degrees he earned by age 20 – including one in the culinary arts – moving from Germany to the United States, fatherhood, and why Downstreem chose to stay narrowly focused on mobile device forensics in a “one-stop-shop” world. Pour a glass of sauvignon blanc and listen in!
  • eDiscovery After Hours | Episode 35 | Joey Seeber
    Joey Seeber is the Co-Founder and CEO of Level Legal. In this episode, we discuss his journey from practicing law to purchasing a business he knew nothing about to public service as the Mayor of Tyler, TX to entrepreneurship, and how he thinks about differentiation in a crowded market. Pour a glass of Basil Hayden and listen in!

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TAR Talk

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