EDRM White Papers

As part of our educational content program, EDRM publishes an extensive series of white papers to help eDiscovery practitioners improve their overall acumen. Whether researched, written and published by EDRM experts or 3rd party subject matter experts, EDRM’s white papers cover a wide variety of topics eDiscovery practitioners need to know.

  • White papers about electronic discovery and information management
  • Prepared by leaders in the field
  • Evaluated by EDRM participants prior to publication
  • Published on the EDRM site on a non-exclusive basis, in keeping with the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License

Unless otherwise noted, all opinions expressed in the EDRM White Paper Series materials are those of the authors, of course, and not of EDRM, EDRM participants, the author’s employers, or anyone else.

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The EDRM White Paper Series