Testimony Evidence Reference Model (TERM)

About this Project

This team is dedicated to addressing the differences between managing documentary and testimonial evidence in legal cases. Most of the documentary evidence produced in a case consists of documents that were generated before (sometimes years before) the initiation of a matter, and many of those documents may have only tangential relevance to the case. In contrast, most of the testimonial evidence deemed relevant to a case is generated after the initiation of the matter and tends to be specifically focused on the matters in dispute. This project aims to create a model that bridges this gap. Michael Okerlund, CEO of CloudCourt, an EDRM Trusted Partner, and Sheila Grela, paralegal at Buchalter, are leading the initiative.

Michael Okerlund highlighted the unique approach of the Testimony Evidence Reference Model, stating, “The EDRM wasn’t explicitly designed to identify and illuminate best practices for the identification, preservation, collection, analysis, use or reuse of testimony. For that, our team will explore a separate, yet synergistic model.”

See the press release announcing the project here.