Keyword Searching Isn’t Dead, If It’s Done Correctly: eDiscovery Best Practices

By Doug Austin


In the latest post of the Advanced Discovery blog, Tom O’Connor (who is an industry thought leader and has been a thought leader interviewee on this blog several times) posed an interesting question: Is Keyword Searching Dead?


In his post, Tom recapped the discussion of a session with the same name at the recent Today’s General Counsel Institute in New York City where Tom was a co-moderator of the session along with Maura Grossman, a recognized Technology Assisted Review (TAR) expert,

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George Socha

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  1. Keyword searching — a scientific art that showcases human intelligence — is very much alive. In the future it’s likely that people will continue to use keyword searching to discover in the cloud what is top of mind. As utilized in connection with electronic discovery (eDiscovery), Doug Austin’s “STARR” approach is a powerful mnemonic for a search process that can entail the use of keyword searching as well as Technology Assisted Review (TAR) tools.rnrnAs an example of the enduring need for keyword searching, at NIST — in the Information Technology Laboratory within the Information Access Division — the Multimodal Information Group is actively researching and developing measurement and evaluation methods to: rn

    advance and promote the use of technologies that provide more effective access to multimedia and multi-lingual information and that improve human-computer interface modalities. These technologies include recognizing and/or transforming information in speech, text, images, video, and other multimedia modalities, and the fusion of heterogeneous media content through speech recognition, speaker recognition, language recognition, machine translation, image processing, image understanding, video processing, visual recognition, 2-D and 3D shape analysis, image quality assessment, and interoperable digital media access.

    rnrnAt NIST a current evaluation series is Open Keyword Search Evaluation (OpenKWS). OpenKWS is a multi-year effort to test KWS systems on a new “Surprise” language each year. OpenKWS15 is currently accepting signups for the evaluation. rnrnNote, this comment by Marcus Ledergerber is provided for informational purposes only and it is not to be construed as legal advice on any subject matter.

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