Hire Counsel

About Us

Hire Counsel is an agile legal talent company that quickly injects potent, on-demand legal review project managers, attorneys and skilled specialists into organizations seeking to expand, amplify and expedite matter management results without losing a step. Thoroughly vetted and fueled by , our rapid People Placement Process, Hire Counsel teams are catalysts that immediately instill clients with the confidence they need so they can focus on daily business operations while our experts take care of the details behind the scenes.

Operating on site and remotely nationwide, Hire Counsel teams forge genuine, symbiotic relationships with clients, talent and staff via an inspiring culture of listening and alignment to solve immediate problems and generate tangible business results.


Project Management Acumen

Highly skilled communicators and collaborators, Hire Counsel Project Managers are catalysts that orchestrate fluid projects that produce quantifiable results. 

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Document Review Acuity

Executed remotely and / or onsite, Hire Counsel document reviewers are vetted, seasoned attorneys and legal practitioners skilled at completing projects on time and within budget.

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Potent On-Demand Legal Talent

From attorneys to paralegals to secondment, PMs and specialized project practitioners, Hire Counsel discovers, vets and fulfills client specific needs with highly certified on-demand talent.   

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Engineered to expedite the placement of potent legal talent aligned with specific client needs, Hire Counsel’s P³ People Placement Process™ is a powerful, proprietary system that provides clients with the confidence they need to focus on daily business operations while our experts take care of the details behind the scenes.

As the foundation and catalyst for all Managed Review, Data Breach / Incident Response and Secondment / Specialized Project Attorney projects we execute, Hire Counsel’s integrated P³ People Placement Process synchronizes (5) critical channels to properly discover, vet and onboard the best W2 inspired talent to solve client short and long-term human capital challenges. 


Interested in becoming part of the Hire Counsel team?  We’re always looking for talented, driven professionals looking to make a difference in the world of managed document review.  Please take a moment to browse the latest job openings via our career page