Merlin Search Technologies

About Merlin

Merlin is a cloud technology company, developing AI-powered software for search, investigations, discovery, and compliance. Its flagship product, Sherlock Integrated Search, is the first Search 2.0 platform, and the first to offer keyword and algorithmic search in a user-friendly, integrated system. It provides a faster, easier, and more effective way to find relevant documents for investigations, discovery, and legal compliance. 

Merlin is also revolutionizing delivery and pricing for ediscovery software. It is the first to offer a cloud native, single-tenant architecture to eliminate data commingling and to provide greater flexibility and security for its clients including the ability to securely host data anywhere in the world including in a client’s own AWS environment. It is also the first to offer Cloud Utility Pricing™ which allows clients to license ediscovery software by the hour rather than the month, paying one rate when clients use the system and another, greatly reduced rate, when the system is turned off. By saving on wasted energy use, Cloud Utility Pricing also becomes the first Green Computing Initiative in the ediscovery market.