EDRM Wall Poster

Quick Reference EDRM Workflow Poster — A Training Tool for Legal Professionals and E-Discovery Practitioners

Since its original creation in 2006, the now iconic EDRM diagram has been downloaded from the EDRM website many tens of thousands of times, and referenced throughout the industry in media articles, blogs and e-discovery training materials.

The purpose of the printable poster is to serve as an educational piece and a reference chart for law firms, corporations and service and software providers involved in the e-discovery process.

The updated diagram includes the detailed Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM) to the left of the EDRM diagram, giving a more holistic view of the relationship between information governance and e-discovery. In addition, each phase of the EDRM includes a brief description of the processes and activities taking place in that phase.

Download the EDRM Poster 36×24 April 2020 here