Metrics Accomplishments & Goals


The Metrics Group undertakes projects with deliverables designed to enable those involved in e-discovery to effectively measure and monitor their projects. They include:

  • Metrics Model – To help people develop a visual sense of how the metrics codes relate to the e-discovery process and how information may be measured. The model relates the metric types, aspects, and EDRM phases.
  • L600 Series LEDES Billing Codes – The LEDES Oversight Committee (“LOC”) Board has created a UTBMS Code Set exclusively for e-discovery purposes, separate from the recent Litigation Code Set revisions. The LOC based this code set on the EDRM Metrics Code Set. Our objective is to encourage widespread adoption of the UTBMS code set.


The Metrics Group has more milestones and deliverables in its sights. Some ongoing goals are:

  • Metrics Tools Development – To further the capability to readily measure e-discovery activity, several dynamic spreadsheets and tools are being developed to assist with budgeting, and to track and analyze Early Data Assessment (“EDA”), Review, and Collection activities by factors of volume, cost, and time.
  • EDRM Metrics Guide – This is intended to aid those who want to track, analyze, and provide measurements relating to their e-discovery projects. It will serve as an introduction and provide best practices that cover several components of measurement, including:
    • Why measure?
    • What to measure?
    • How to measure and document?
    • Using metrics to improve your discovery process.
  • Metrics Glossary – With the wide variety of activities involved in the e-discovery process, this guide will provide detailed descriptions of the codes used for measurement.
  • Metrics Problem Profiles – To provide tangible illustration of ways to measure and track activity in an e-discovery project, examples are being documented of select metrics challenges and goals throughout the EDRM phases using standardized problem scenarios. Having these reference materials should provide assistance moving forward for setting best practices.