EDRM Launches Talent Task Matrix

EDRM’s Talent Task Matrix identifies responsibility for tasks associated with common e-discovery roles in each phase of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model\r\n\r\nJanuary 28, 2013 –St. Paul, MN – The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM), the leading standards organization for the e-discovery market, announced today the release of the EDRM Talent Task Matrix diagram and spreadsheet. The Matrix, collaboratively developed by EDRM’s Jobs Project Team, is a tool designed to help hiring managers better understand the responsibilities associated with common e-discovery roles. The Matrix maps responsibilities to the EDRM framework, so e-discovery duties associated can be assigned to the appropriate parties.\r\n\r\nComments on the EDRM Talent Task Matrix diagram and spreadsheet are now being accepted and can be posted from today through the end of the comment period on February 28, 2013, here.\r\n\r\nEDRM’s Talent Task Matrix represents the joint efforts of the entire EDRM Jobs Project Team, spearheaded by co-leaders Maria Montoya of Bryan University and Keith Tom. Wade Peterson of Bowman & Brooke LLP led the development of the Talent Task Matrix diagram. A complete list of EDRM Jobs participant members is available here.\r\n\r\nThe mission of the EDRM Jobs Project, which started in 2009, is to develop a framework for evaluating pre-discovery and discovery personnel needs or issues. This framework is designed to provide scenarios based on existing business models and serve as a starting point for the needs assessment of human capital. The intent is to provide organizations with a means to identify, assess, advocate for, recruit, on-board and retain the appropriate level of professional resources.\r\n\r\nResources on the updated Jobs Project include:\r\n

\r\nAbout EDRM\r\nLaunched in May 2005, the EDRM Project was created to address the lack of standards and guidelines in the e-discovery market – a problem identified in the 2003 and 2004 Socha-Gelbmann Electronic Discovery surveys as a major concern for vendors and consumers alike. The completed reference model provides a common, flexible and extensible framework for the development, selection, evaluation and use of e-discovery products and services. Expanding on the base defined with the Reference Model, the EDRM projects now include nine projects including the EDRM Jobs project. Over the past seven years, EDRM has comprised more than 250 organizations, including 150 service and software providers, 61 law firms, three industry groups and 22 corporations involved with e-discovery. Information about EDRM is available at https://edrm.net.\r\n


\r\nMedia Contacts:\r\n\r\nEDRM:\r\nTom Gelbmann\r\nEDRM, LLC\r\n(651-483-6116)\r\ntom@gelbmann.biz


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