EDRM Offers New Reference Collection Focused on FRCP Amendments

EDRM\r\n\r\nHosted Library offers text of FRCP, Amendments, Committee Notes and Articles as a Practical Resource for EDRM Members\r\n\r\nSt. Paul, Minnesota – November 24, 2015 – EDRM, the leading standards organization for the e-discovery market, announced today that it has created a set of member-only reference materials to assist attorneys and litigation practitioners in understanding and adopting practices to align with the amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure scheduled to go into effect on December 1, 2015.\r\n\r\nThe process leading to these amendments started with the Duke Conference of 2010, a gathering of judges, lawyers and legal academic experts evaluating the effectiveness of federal litigation process. The resulting amendments change more than 30 different provisions in 11 civil procedural rules, focusing on three key areas: cooperation, proportionality, and active judicial case management.\r\n\r\n“Active members of the e-discovery community have been aware of the pending amendments for several years,” said George Socha, co-founder of EDRM.  “The text of the current FRCP rules and text of the proposed amendments are publicly available on a number of government and education sites.  Our goal is to give our members a more robust form of access to the changed rules.  Each amended rule has its own page which starts with the amendments and then continues with the related Committee Note, the complete amended rule, and, as we add them, links to resources explaining or commenting on the changes.   We have hyperlinked content so that readers can quickly drill in on a particular topic of interest and understand the nature, intent, impact and uses of the amendments.  As we continue to add resources to this section, its value to our members should grow considerably.”\r\n\r\nCommunity Contributions to the FRCP Collection\r\n\r\nThe FRCP collection hosted on EDRM.net will also be a home for articles, white papers, educational webinars and practical advice by authors and experts on complying with the FRCP amendments.  This repository of rich content will provide legal, technical, and educational perspectives as the industry transitions to a more informed and cooperative style envisioned in the amendments.\r\n\r\nThe FRCP resource area is accessible exclusively by EDRM members. Current EDRM members have been notified by email with instructions for accessing and using the site. Organizations or individuals interested in EDRM membership will find information at www.edrm.net/joining-edrm.\r\n\r\nAbout EDRM\r\nEDRM creates practical resources to improve e-discovery and information governance. Launched in May 2005, EDRM was established to create standards and guidelines in the e-discovery market. In January 2006, EDRM published the Electronic Discovery Reference Model, followed by additional resources such as IGRM, CARRM and the Talent Task Matrix. Since its launch, EDRM has comprised 360 organizations, including 190 service and software providers, 75 law firms, 72 corporations, 13 governmental entities, three industry groups and seven educational institutions involved with e-discovery and information governance.\r\n\r\nContact\r\nTom Gelbmann\r\nEDRM, LLC\r\nPhone: 651-483-0022\r\nEmail: tom@gelbmann.biz\r\n\r\n\r\n


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