Welcome to 2016! The Age of eDiscovery Automation is Upon Us!: eDiscovery Trends

By Doug Austin


It was not that many years ago that if we wanted to buy something, we had to go to a store. If we wanted to withdraw money from our bank account, we had to get it from a bank teller. If we wanted to buy music, we had to go to a music store – today, we can download the music we want instantly. If we wanted to rent a movie, we had to go to Blockbuster or one of the other movie rental stores now rendered obsolete by streaming services like Netflix*. And, we can get just about anything…

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  • Doug Austin

    Doug Austin is the editor and founder of eDiscovery Today and an EDRM Global Advisory Council Leader. Doug is an established eDiscovery thought leader with over 30 years of experience providing eDiscovery best practices, legal technology consulting and technical project management services to numerous commercial and government clients. Doug has published a daily blog since 2010 and has written numerous articles and white papers. He has received the JD Supra Readers Choice Award as the Top eDiscovery Author for 2017 and 2018 and a JD Supra Readers Choice Award as a Top Cybersecurity Author for 2019.

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