EDRM GDPR team releases paper clarifying privacy terms

EDRM’s GDPR project team has released its first document, which analyzes terms that are commonly used in e-discovery but take on different meanings under GDPR.

The paper was published on the EDRM site and in the spring 2018 edition of Judicature.

The document lays the foundation for future efforts, said Jim Waldron, director of EDRM. Future work could include developing guidance on data transfer and the creation of a formal code of conduct in line with the European Data Protection Board (EDPB), which provides interpretation of the regulations.

In developing the document, the GDPR drafting team analyzed current case law, GDPR provisions, and scholarly interpretations of GDPR terms. The team’s first document, Decoding GDPR, defines critical terminology related to GDPR. The paper was published about circulated to the full EDRM membership for comment prior to publication.

Contributing authors were: Elle Pyle (co-lead), Discovery and Data Privacy Counsel, CIPP/U, CIPP/E, CIPT, CIPM, RuyakCherian LLP; Laia Bertran Manyé (co-lead), Attorney (Spain, NY-admission pending); Privacy Fellow, CIPP/US, CIPP/E, Duke Center on Law & Technology; Jonathan Swerdloff, Consultant, Data Systems Specialist, Driven Inc.; Linda G. Sharp, Associate General Counsel, ZL Technologies, Inc.; Reed E. Irvin, Executive Vice President, Strategy & Marketing, Viewpointe; Jim Koziol, Director, Technology and Business Transformation Services, BDO; Sid Jiwnani, Solicitor, Director – Europe, Knovos; Sam Holt, Senior International Engineer/PreSales, AccessData; and Verna Goodloe, Senior Manager, Records Management, Hyundai Capital.

Read the paper at https://edrm.net/resources/gdpr-resources/decoding-gdpr/. To join the GDPR team or learn more about the project, email EDRM@law.duke.edu.


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