Weekly Letter to Our Global Community – 21 Jun 22

Dear EDRM Community,

EDRM Weekly Letter to our Global Community

The word of the week is enlivened

Before the summer solstice, Spain and France join the US Western states in battling drought encouraged wildfires.  Barristers representing criminal defendants went on strike in London.  And a hack on the blockchain has gone unanswered.

EDRM thanks our Trusted Partner, Everlaw, and especially Joan Davis and Chuck Kellner, for co-creating a COVID safer human scale event.

In legal tech this week, we’ll take a measure of our sector’s economic sentiment with ComplexDiscovery’s Quarterly Business Confidence Survey.  EDRM’s IGRM Project Trustee, Eric Mandel, looks at the difficulty in establishing sanctions through the lens of U,S, District Judge Iain Johnson’s opinion in Hollis v. CEVA Logistics U.S., Inc. (N.D. Ill., May 19, 2022)..  Ralph Losey looks closely at a request for cloud and cell phone data in a high profile criminal case.

EDRM Guardian Plus Partner, Everlaw, and EDRM are #WheelsDown completing our three week, three city roadshow featuring Dr. Maura R. Grossman, Chuck Kellner and Mary Mack.

Our eDiscovery family gathered in our third and final event in Beverly Hills, with EDRM Global Advisory Council leaders Shannon Bales, Sheila Grela and Dr. Maura R. Grossman.  EDRM supporters Joy Murao, Cynthia Montoya, Lisa Clark and Don Swanson celebrated mightily.The plated lunch was punctuated by gleeful hugs leading into an afternoon of education, culminating in a fireside chat between the great Chuck Kellner and the star of TAR, Dr. Maura Grossman.  The fireside chat preceded a splendid indoor/outdoor reception.  EDRM thanks our Trusted Partner, Everlaw, and especially Joan Davis and Chuck Kellner, for co-creating a COVID safer human scale event.

EDRM projects are open to new contributors, please reach out to info@edrm.net to let us know your interest, and we will introduce you to the appropriate Project Trustee.  You can check out EDRM’s project listings here. 

Our Syndicated EDRM Global Podcast Network is available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and your favorite podcast app, so you can listen at your leisure.  Kaylee and Mary have our own podcast, the Illumination Zone, joining TAR Talk and Ryan Short’s eDiscovery After Hours podcasts.  Reach out to info@edrm.net to suggest guests, including your own fabulous self.  Listen to our newest podcast: Tom & Jeremy Show: the inconvenient truth about eDiscovery.

Every Tuesday at 6PM Eastern, community members gather via Zoom to offer or request support as we navigate our work and personal challenges.  Email us at info@edrm.net to be included on the group invitation for the 119th support call. Remember, you are not alone, and you are welcome at our events, or to reach out for help.  If you are having a mental health emergency, please consider these resources for professional help.

We welcome your participation in our projects, webinars, support gatherings, and our EDRM Hub, our job board/event/directory website.  There is no charge for these EDRM offerings, thanks to our very generous partners. 

Mary & Kaylee

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  • Mary Mack

    Mary Mack is the CEO and Chief Legal Technologist for EDRM. Mary was the co-editor of the Thomson Reuters West Treatise, eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel for 10 years and the co-author of A Process of Illumination: the Practical Guide to Electronic Discovery. She holds the CISSP among her certifications.