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We all know that ediscovery takes both time and money. And to make a case for a new system or technology you need a credible, measurable way to show the return on your investment (ROI) across those resources.  An ROI analysis is one of the most effective ways to build consensus and support for technology […]

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This dated term misses the mark in the current legal landscape No one would ever refer to Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX, as a non-astronaut. It would be rude to call an amazing nurse a non-doctor. Yet in the law firm world, no one gives a second thought to referring to everyone without an […]

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Discussing mental health in our eDiscovery community, the first crossover podcast with EDRM – Electronic Discovery Reference Model‘s Guardian Partner Relativity‘s #StellarWomen was released today. The Stellar Women Podcast with amazing hosts Mary Rechtoris and Blair Heidenreich who hosted Mary Mack, CISSP and Kaylee Walstad to discuss a very important topic – “Prioritizing Mental Health in a Pandemic” The podcast includes great resources […]

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Victoria Hudgins of Legaltech News surveyed the job market for eDiscovery professionals and found a decided shift from the beginning of the pandemic to the return to almost normal. Finding demand amongst the most senior project managers to entry level analysts, TRU Staffing Partners Inc.’s founder and CEO, Jared Coseglia, sees a candidate’s market with […]

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Doug Austin, editor of eDiscovery Today, interviewed David Greetham, the eDiscovery and Information Governance business unit leader at Ricoh USA, Inc., an EDRM Guardian Plus Partner. David serves as executive Advisor to the EDRM. David’s accomplishments include creating the first private forensics lab in the world to be accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory […]

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Stephen Embry, of TechLaw Crossroads, interviewed Kevin Ryan, the Executive Director of the Monroe County Bar Association about his experience with our EDRM Virtual Campus. The Monroe County Bar’s Small Firm and Solo Practice Conference was held in early April 2021. Ryan couldn’t have been more enthusiastic about how the conference went. He thought that […]

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[Editor’s Note: EDRM is proud to support our Guardian Partner, Zapproved, and their founder and CEO, Monica Enand, as they released their end-to end eDiscovery platform, ZDiscovery, What follows is Zapproved’s description of a fireside chat I enjoyed with Monica.] This April, Zapproved launched our ZDiscovery platform, which unites our industry-leading legal hold solution with our powerful […]

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Are machines about to take our legal jobs?  Are robo-lawyers poised to take over corner offices at top law firms leaving attorneys in threadbare suits holding signs that say “Will litigate for food?”  By the time you read this, automation and artificial intelligence (AI) is likely to have affected countless  legal practitioners. In the UK alone, […]

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EDRM Guardian Partner, XDD, merged with Consilio after reporting the acquisition of Lexolution, a managed review and staffing organization. Earlier this month, XDD reported the acquisition of Texas based Zeledon-Castillo. We have complementary global operations, a strong cultural fit, and a similar legacy of successful acquisitions and integrations. Bob Polus, Founder and Chief Executive Officer […]

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The Leadership VoT™ How did we do things before? Gosh even the old movies have been virtualized. With the recent loss of Sean Connery (my favorite Bond), I clicked one of my favorites, “Dr. No”. Which is your favorite?  I encourage you to watch some of these movies from the “olden days” (as my kids call […]

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