Greg Bufithis on Craig Ball, Alex Jones and Secret Service

Greg Bufithis on Alex Jones Texts

It was a big eDiscovery and Information Governance news week, and Greg Bufithis met the moment while on vacation.

An excerpt, and a link direct to the source:

On Thursday I did participate in a webinar on the U.S. government coverup: the U.S. Secret Service mobile phone wipe and the Pentagon mobile phone wipe. My CTO, Eric De Grasse, did a nice summary which you can read here. As he notes, almost nothing about the Secret Service episode makes sense. This sort of “migration” is always handled at the administrator level. And migrating without the capacity to roll back is simply unheard-of these days.

NOTE: there is a whole metadata side to this – who texted whom and when – with a lot of info coming in that numerous agents sent messages to people in other agencies (and to people outside government altogether). But that aspect is developing so we decided to hold off. We’ll follow up.

So bottom line: an obvious “cover-our-ass” and coverup. Let’s not beat around the bush.

Meanwhile, we have Alex Jones and his defamation trial over Sandy Hook. A Texas jury has decided to penalize him with a $45+ million punitive damage award. Lawyers for the parents of the Sandy Hook shooting victim pleaded with jurors to “deter Alex Jones from ever doing this awfulness again” and “to deter others who may want to step into his shoes”.

Greg Bufithis

In this post, Greg also covers Craig Ball’s blog post on Alex Jones, adding a 2019 video interview his Project Council Media friends conducted with Craig that is quite lovely.


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