Weekly Letter to Our Global EDRM Community 23 May 2023

Dear EDRM Community,

The word of the week is milestone.    The US debt limit negotiations are to the wire, threatening the world’s reserve currency, while accusations of a LIBOR evidence coverup emerge in the UK. Fighter jets are on the way to Ukraine, China will not buy Micron chips, the UK’s Allen & Overy merged with Simpson Thatcher

In legal tech this week, Bob Zeidman, winner of the My Pillow election data challenge, filed to collect his $5 million.  Scientists propose an international approach to regulating AI.  AI and LLM’s vary in size of training parameters. Layoffs continue, with time to new opportunity lengthening, and salaries slide downward off the pandemic, significantly lowering candidate’s market highs according to EDRM Trusted Partner, Legal Tech Talent Network’s David Netzer.

EDRM has a new webinar platform.  Next week marks the end of our BrightTALK channel.  If you have been waiting to view an on demand offering from prior to January 2023, this is the week to do it.  We also migrated EDRM’s website.  As with any change, we are very interested in your experience, please let us know if you find any issues.

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Recent EDRM Project Team Activity

EDRM announces project sessions, keynotes, CLE at the EDRM Detroit Symposium June 1-2.  The Symposium kicks off with a reception, a Craig Ball keynote, education with Judicial Stories of eDiscovery Disasters, a You Be the Judge interactive CLE, project team overviews and collaboration and more. Sponsorship opportunities abound, please reach out to us at info@edrm.net to see what is available.  Read the agenda and register here.

Co-Trustee Khrys McKinney will present the AI Ethics and Bias’s team’s finalized white paper, Professional Responsibility Considerations in AI for eDiscovery: Competence, Confidentiality, Privacy, and Ownership, and talk about what is next at the EDRM Detroit Symposium.

EDRM 2.0 project is in full launch phase with the updated EDRM diagram.  Subteams and the governing leadership are in formation this month and will meet at the Detroit Symposium.  Reach out to info@edrm.net to get involved.  See the Q&A by Legaltech News’ Isha Marathe here. See Law360’s Sarah Martinson’s article here.

EDRM Cross Platform Duplicate Identification Specification, EDRM Message ID Hash (MIH) continues its global market launch.  The MIH Toolkit includes the specification, guidelines for use, a one-page infographic, smaller case tools and a white paper authored by Craig Ball.   Multiple webinars open to the community were held and recorded for later replay with Trustee Beth Patterson, Craig Ball, Matt Golab and Ian Folkman. Access one of the recordings here 24×7.  Trustee Beth Patterson will update us on adoption, and gather community input for next steps at the Detroit Symposium.

The Privilege Log project released its Privilege Log 2.0 protocol. The Public Comment Period is complete and the project team led by Trustee Cristin Traylor will discuss at the Detroit Symposium. 

The State Rules Project is looking for some contributors to fill out the rest of the US map.  See if your state is covered here.  Trustee Mark Lyon will review progress at the Detroit Symposium.

EDRM’s project listings are here, please reach out to info@edrm.net if you are interested in joining a project or championing a new idea.  We will be talking about more AI, perhaps a TAR and or ESI protocol and green computing in Detroit.


May 24: 1PM Eastern: Mastering eDiscovery in Box: Best Practices for Legal Teams with Anna Simpson, Senior Director of Product Management, Box John Price, Technical Success Manager, Onna

May 25: 1PM Eastern: Banks in the Crosshairs: Cyberattacks and Aggressive Regulators with James Álvaro Dever, Esq. and Dr. Jack Dever J.D., LL.M., S.J.D.

May 30: 1PM EasternImportant eDiscovery Case Law Decisions for May 2023 with Doug Austin, Hon. Judge Andrew Peck (ret.), Tom O’Connor & Mary Mack

June 1-2  EDRM Detroit Symposium (in person)

June 6:  1PM Eastern: A Tech Lawyer and Information Scientist Walk Into a Bar; they Discuss ChatGPT, its Promise, Ethical Considerations and Latest Developments with Ralph Losey and Dave Lewis

June 7: 1PM Eastern: Cats and Dogs Working Together: E-Discovery and Forensics with Exterro Faculty

And, we’d love to hear from you:  info@edrm.net will get to both Kaylee and Mary.

Our Syndicated EDRM Global Podcast Network is available via iTunes, Spotify, Google Play and your favorite podcast app, so you can listen at your leisure.   Our latest guests include Doug Kaminski, Greg MazaresAndrew Haslam, and the eDiscovery Chicks: Dakota Bloch and Angie Nolet.

Every Tuesday at 6PM Eastern, community members gather via Zoom to offer or request support as we navigate our work and personal challenges.  Email us at info@edrm.net to be included on the group invitation for the 171st support call.  Remember, you are not alone, and you are welcome at our events, or to reach out for help.  If you are having a mental health emergency, please consider these resources for professional help.  Tall Poppy has some resources specifically for those experiencing online harassment.

We welcome your participation in our projects, webinars, support gatherings, and our EDRM Hub, our job board/event/directory website.  There is no charge for these EDRM offerings, thanks to our very generous partners. 

What’s next?

Mary & Kaylee

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  • Mary Mack

    Mary Mack is the CEO and Chief Legal Technologist for EDRM. Mary was the co-editor of the Thomson Reuters West Treatise, eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel for 10 years and the co-author of A Process of Illumination: the Practical Guide to Electronic Discovery. She holds the CISSP among her certifications.

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  • Kaylee Walstad

    Kaylee Walstad, chief strategy officer of EDRM, leads the global project based organization and is the former VP of client engagement at a certification organization. Kaylee is known for her role in building communities, uniting people and companies across the globe, and brand amplification for partners through social media and events. A frequent public speaker on a variety of topics, from personal development to the nuances of e-discovery. Kaylee has a broad background in e-discovery and skills that uniquely position her to provide insight into the challenges faced by the end-users of e-discovery services and technology and the organizations serving them. She has extensive expertise in developing cross organizational discovery strategies for large litigation and investigations.

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