LLMs and GAI: Catalysts or Constraints? The Fall 2023 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey

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EDRM is proud to support ComplexDiscovery’s eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey as we have through many years. It is helpful to have a consistent touchpoint to discern trends, directional changes and learn what is top of mind.

The quarterly survey segments the answers by country, segment and role to gain a 360 degree overview of our market sentiment. Three new questions have been added.

As Rob Robinson, founder of ComplexDiscovery and creator of the survey reports:

In this Fall 2023 edition of the survey, we are excited to introduce three new questions specifically focused on Language Learning Models (LLMs) and Generative AI (GAI). These questions aim to explore the perceived benefits, challenges, and current adoption levels of LLMs and GAI technologies within the eDiscovery ecosystem. As these technologies become increasingly integral to the industry, your insights on these topics will be particularly valuable for shaping future strategies and implementations.

Rob Robinson, ComplexDiscovery

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The survey consists of 15 core questions, including three new multiple-choice questions focused on understanding the use of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) in the eDiscovery ecosystem. The entire survey can be completed in less than five minutes and is open to cybersecurity, information governance, and legal discovery professionals operating in the eDiscovery ecosystem. Whether analyst or observer, reporter or communicator, law firm, service provider, or governmental agency expert or consultant, your informed opinion of the business climate for eDiscovery is highly sought after for the Fall 2023 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey.

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ComplexDiscovery will anonymize responses to the survey and will not share any individual or organizational contact data, demographics, or answers.

The Fall 2023 eDiscovery Business Confidence Survey response period will be between today and no later than late September 2023. Upon completion of the survey, the results will be anonymized, provided to all participants via email, and published on the ComplexDiscovery website.

As your opinion is important in helping form a picture of the business climate for eDiscovery, please do take the time to complete this short survey, as the results will provide professionals in the eDiscovery ecosystem with an important reference for considering business decisions.

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