How Tax Filing Alternatives Measure Up in Terms of Data Privacy and Cyber Risk

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Image: Kaylee Walstad, EDRM.

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In a follow-up to our recently published article, “The Dream of Free, Secure Online Tax Filing Could Be Finally Here with IRS Direct File”, I wanted to share a high-level, direct comparison of data privacy and security risk across tax filing alternatives, which is presented below:

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  • Gretchen Ruck

    Gretchen Ruck is a senior advisor at EDRM Trusted Partner, Lockhaven Solutions. As a trusted advisor to established boards, senior executives and investors, Gretchen helps clients examine and address the impact of cyber threats, data privacy regulations and technology risks on their strategy and performance. As an innovative thought leader, Gretchen has been instrumental in shifting conversations concerning technology risk and cybersecurity from backrooms to the boardroom. ‍ Gretchen has held key roles at leading professional service and research firms including KPMG, Gartner, and AlixPartners. Amongst her current work, Ms. Ruck oversees privacy at a highly-regarded private research university and integrated healthcare system that is consistently ranked as one of the top in the US and worldwide. In this role, she’s helping addressing complex regulatory issues and examining the risk of adopting new technologies. Respected as leader in her field, Ms. Ruck has contributed to international dialog and cooperation through collaboration with esteemed organizations including the World Economic Forum, UN Human Rights Commission, the Obama White House, the European American Chamber of Commerce, and the French American Foundation. Gretchen is a frequent writer and speaker on topics ranging from emerging technology trends and cybercrime to advocating for diverse workplaces and inclusiveness. Her insights on current events have been featured in The Economist, Quartz, Bloomberg, Financial Times, USA Today, Mirror, Law360, and numerous other media outlets. Gretchen holds a degree in International Business from American University and has earned industry certifications in cybersecurity, data privacy, audit, project management, risk management, and engineering. In her free time, she has served as a fiduciary in leadership roles on the boards of numerous non-profit and charitable organizations, focused on supporting the needs of children and communities and on building a diverse and inclusive society.