Updated EDRM Event Code of Conduct Policy

EDRM updated code of conduct policy
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6 Feb 2024, Edited 8 Feb 2004.


EDRM is committed to creating and maintaining a safe, respectful, and inclusive environment across all our activities and platforms, including project team calls, webinars, social media interactions, workshops, emails, live events, and any other gatherings or communications associated with our organization. Our foundational principle, “All are welcome,” guides our expectations and practices to ensure that all participants feel valued and safe. In light of recent concerns raised within our community, we are reinforcing our commitment to these principles through the following updated Code of Conduct Policy.

General Expectations

  1. Respectful Communication: All interactions must be respectful, professional, and free from harassment, bullying, or any form of unwanted behavior. This applies to verbal, written, and digital communications, as well as physical actions.
  2. Responsible Behavior: Attendees are expected to consume alcohol responsibly at events where alcohol is available, staying mindful of their behavior and its impact on others.
  3. Physical Contact: Unwanted physical contact is strictly prohibited. Consent must be clear and mutual for any form of physical interaction.
  4. Professional Conduct: Overt selling or promotional activities are not permitted during events, with the exception of pre-planned promotion and exhibitors at their booths. This ensures the focus remains on learning, networking, and collaboration.

Event-Specific Policies

  1. Zero Tolerance Policy: EDRM enforces a zero-tolerance policy towards harassment, bullying, disrespectful communication, and unwanted physical contact. Violations will result in immediate action, up to and including removal from the event and prohibition from future events.
  2. Support and Reporting: Designated EDRM contacts will be available onsite at all events to address concerns, offer support, and take action on reported issues.
  3. Partner Briefing: EDRM will brief all partners, sponsors and participants on expected behavior and event policies to ensure a shared understanding of our values and standards.
  4. Safety Measures:
    • EDRM Emissaries will be present to facilitate introductions, assist attendees, and serve as additional support for maintaining our Code of Conduct.
    • Bartenders and service staff will be instructed to serve alcohol responsibly, with an emphasis on caution.
    • A “No One Walks Home Alone” policy will be promoted to ensure attendees can return to their accommodations safely in groups.
  5. Complaint Resolution: EDRM commits to addressing any complaints promptly and effectively, in coordination with the relevant organizations, venue security, and law enforcement if necessary.
  6. Partnership/Sponsor Standards: Only organizations that uphold similar values and have established Codes of Conduct or public event policies will be considered as partners or sponsors.
  7. Review and Accountability: The Trusted Partner status of organizations may be reviewed and adjusted based on their response to complaints and adherence to these standards.

Commitment to Inclusivity

EDRM is dedicated to fostering an environment where diversity is celebrated, and everyone can participate fully and confidently. We believe that by adhering to these guidelines, we can ensure that our events and platforms remain welcoming, safe, and productive spaces for all members of our community.

See EDRM’s Diversity Equity Inclusion and Belonging Policy here.

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EDRM Supports the SPLASH Initiative and has taken the pledge with this updated policy.