DiscoveryMaster LLC


DiscoveryMaster LLC makes eDiscovery reporting easy and intuitive.

Our four founders are AmLaw100 alumni whose active litigation practice relies heavily on eDiscovery. We know what is important to litigators and their clients, and how difficult it can be for non-Relativity experts to quickly access information including key findings, budgets, and estimated completion dates, not to mention how much time document review project managers spend compiling and editing manual reports. Plus, we know channel partners often get caught in the middle.

By providing every stakeholder the same information at the same time, we serve to improve the client experience and the relationships between clients, law firms, channel partners, and document review providers. 

We use innovation and imagination to make data transparent and accessible to every stakeholder. Our initial module, now available, is based on document review projects in Relativity. Future modules will span from custodian surveys through production and privilege logs. Learn more at