About Zapproved

Founded in 2008, Zapproved builds easy-to-use litigation response software designed to help corporate legal teams drive down costs, reduce risk, and build a better process. With our unwavering commitment to keeping our 350+ corporate customers ridiculously successful, we are proud to have earned a 99% retention rate.

The ZDiscovery suite brings together Legal Hold Pro’s intuitive legal hold automation with Digital Discovery Pro’s processing and review tools to enable corporate legal teams to operate more efficiently, cost-effectively, and confidently – but with the built-in flexibility to bring in outside counsel for high risk and highly complex cases.

Common-Sense Legal Hold Management

Automate repetitive tasks required to send and monitor litigation holds to improve compliance and reduce time spent issuing and managing legal holds by 70%.

Defensible Preservations

Our direct integrations let you easily apply and remove legal holds in Microsoft Office 365 and Google Vault.

Collect Data With Ease

Click to collect via our integration with O365, or issue an Action Request for other sources.

Fast Processing and Simple Review

Quick processing for many file types powered by Nuix, and easy-to-use review tools help you bring more ediscovery in-house and better focus outside spend by 50% or more.