EDRM Streamlined Privilege Log Protocol

Current Working Draft, with Appendices

Please submit comments to info@edrm.net.

Background on the project:

For background on the protocol, download this document (doc).

Exhibit A (for background), download this document (doc).

Exhibit B (for background), download this document (doc).

Download the protocol and supporting tools:

The EDRM Streamlined Privilege Log Protocol (doc)

Sample metadata log (spreadsheet)

Sample order (doc).

Draft history:

Download the Draft Protocol for Privilege Logs that secured a 4/4 Judges’ Shark Tank vote at the Georgetown Global Advanced Ediscovery Institute.  Comments were closed at info@edrm.net on 1/1/2021.

Download here:_EDRM_Privilege Log Protocol_Draft as of 11_30_20


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