Cat Casey: AI and Machine Learning as Force Multiplier

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Disco’s Cat Casey has a provocative post about the military’s description of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning as a Force Multiplier for eDiscovery.

What does the military concept of force multiplier look like applied to legal practice? In the most basic terms, doing more with less. There are three major ways that technology is helping ediscovery professionals gain access to evidence with less human effort required, make better-informed decisions, and reduce time to insight. 

One quantified example of the multiplication effect that Cat provides is quite compelling:

In general, a person would get through 50-60 documents an hour and there was limited ability to accelerate the timeline, aside from throwing more bodies at the problem. Today, teams leveraging advanced analytics and CAL see an increase in review rates of more than 60% compared to linear methods (that’s 88 docs/hour), and are able to more accurately get through volumes of documents.

Read the entire article here.



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