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Relativity Fest 2020 is up and running, with CEO Mike Gamson’s keynote highlighting Relativity’s commitment to the underserved, and to diversity and inclusion.  The keynote then highlighted improvements in the user interface (UI) for ease of use and speed to load.  Laden with Relativity’s metrics for all things, the keynote also highlighted accessibility improvements, with a consistent color palate for three different kinds of color blindness.  

There are workflow automations and API developments to speed the communities’ daily work. Relativity’s close partnership with Microsoft was also highlighted, especially in light of Relativity Trace, taking data from proactive compliance monitoring, through an incident to an investigation and a matter.

Kaylee Walstad and I attended sessions today, and visited the sponsors in their chat rooms to see what is new.   As a proud Gold Sponsor of Relativity Fest, EDRM was given a dedicated chat room where we saw many friends including Pavan Kotha, Rob Robinson, Tricia Johnson, Stephanie Clerkin, Tom O’Connor, Carolyn Anger, John Randall, Sheila Grela, Phil Weldon, Marla Mohr and more.

Relativity Partners generally release new functionality at Relativity Fest, and 2020 is no exception.

Carey Neal of our Guardian Partner, Compliance, proudly repped their new Identity and Access Solution, CI Admin. Carey said, “CI Admin is an administrative gateway to your entire Relativity ecosystem. Through a single application, CI Admin allows you to create and manage user credentials through 2-factor SSO configuration and uses single-sign on protocols to seamlessly grant access to partner applications contained in Compliance’s App Store. CI Admin also audits all user info from GPS coordinates to login attempts.” Hear more about CI Admin from Compliance CEO Marc Zamsky on our EDRM Global Podcast Network’s premier podcast, Musings with Marc and Mary.

HaystackID/Night Owl Global’s David Wallack told us that together is better. According to David, ” We are thrilled to announce the merger of NightOwl Global and HaystackID. The combined entity unites NightOwl’s corporate managed services offerings with Haystack ID’s industry leading attorney review platform, including ReviewRight, our remote review product. We are excited to leverage our new capabilities and bring our clients the most comprehensive and efficient managed service products in the industry.”

From Joel Hobson at H5 we learned that H5 has “a new feature in our PII Identification that allows you to create your own custom PII identification using regular expression. H5MA will then extract and count all the unique IDs found across the documents. This feature also interacts with our Name Normalization output by allowing you to associate custom PII information with individuals.”

Our friends at Milyli released support for native PDF and are starting to see teams use native redaction in Blackout 4.0.  They are also working on adding Aero support to Blackout and Chronicle [Priv Log], according to Steve Ankenbrandt, CEO and founder of Milyli.

Karen Haworth of X1 highlighted X1E Remote Collection On-Demand for global remote collection of file shares, laptops and cloud sources in a matter of minutes, providing a 3 minute quick peek of their offering here. https://youtu.be/YOZ7LnT7aIw.

JND introduced OneSearch, aggregating five different searches in an intuitive interface, according to Scott Lombard.  See OneSearch here. https://www.relativity.com/data-solutions/customizations/app-hub/onesearch/

LegalMation released a next generation AI powered platform to automatically extract key elements of a complaint, which can then be used to generate responsive pleadings, discovery requests, perform analytics, create cast of characters, event timelines, etc. It addresses “all the upfront work critical to properly kick off a case.” said Thomas Suh.

Alex Karpman of Everchron told us about their release of a load file free integration with Relativity, allowing custom fields to be defined in their case management tool, an operating system for lawyers.

From Globanet’s Victor Villegas, addressing chats and other short messages, “We are launching additional data source connectors we capture for short messages via Relativity Trace which continues to be big news for us jointly.”

Anne Butcher, the new Digital Brand Specialist at Contact Discovery Services, was quite proud of their Innovation Award submission, Vu. “Our Development team built Vu based on all the feedback we got from clients about what information they needed to make strategic decisions regarding the project. We put these answers in dashboards with intuitive graphics to help empower Relativity users of all experience levels with the information they need,” said Anne.

TSD Services’ Maria Marinova told us, “This year we are presenting the full list of our products and services, such as our complete billing solution MaxBilling, TSD Email Event Handler, our Support & Maintenance service (with which we make sure customers’ solution are always up-to-date with the latest Relativity and RelativityOne versions), and more.”

Chris Esposito of MCS was talking about MessengerOne, a Relativity based communications app to keep communication more secure. “It has been great for large review teams so they can communicate within the database itself, said Chris.

Heretik expands its use case packages with 5 brand new custom templates to leverage Heretik according to Michael Gildner,

“Deloitte’s Audio Discovery is one of the Innovation Award finalists,” said Danbee Kim. “This year we submitted three new services/technology for Innovation Awards (ClaimD, Claims & Audio Discovery).”

Anexsys’ Stuart Craft told us that, “we are presenting our latest Relativity Applications Entity and Mask-it! which deal with case management and trial prep as well as personal information detection and redaction.”

JND introduced OneSearch, aggregating five different searches in an intuitive interface, according to Scott Lombard.  See OneSearch here. https://www.relativity.com/data-solutions/customizations/app-hub/onesearch/.

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Mary Mack

Mary Mack is the CEO and Chief Legal Technologist for EDRM. Mary was the co-editor of the Thomson Reuters West Treatise, eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel for 10 years and the co-author of A Process of Illumination: the Practical Guide to Electronic Discovery. She holds the CISSP among her certifications.

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