Zapproved and Onna Team Up to Make Information More Discoverable!

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[Editor’s Note: EDRM is pleased to support our partner, Zapproved, as they announce an integration with Onna.]

Zapproved Collaborates with Onna to Empower Corporate Legal Teams To More Effectively Manage Unstructured Data and Make Information More Discoverable

Portland, OR — 3 February 2021:  Onna, the world’s first Knowledge Integration Platform on a mission to make enterprise information accessible, useful and private, has collaborated with Zapproved to build a direct integration between its ZDiscovery platform and Onna’s Knowledge Integration Platform. This announcement marks a significant milestone in Onna’s collaboration with leading legal technology companies to drive a better experience for customers.

Empowering users to be able to preserve and collect data wherever it lives, was a key factor in our collaboration with Onna…

Rekha Shenoy, CPO, Zapproved

With the exponential growth in the adoption of cloud tools and increased fragmentation of data, this new integration will allow corporate legal teams to more effectively preserve, collect, process and review all the relevant data in their organization directly from ZDiscovery for sources like Slack, Zoom and Microsoft Teams. By connecting seamlessly to Onna’s API, Zapproved users are able to select which source to create a hold on and which users the hold applies to along with an optional date range.

Onna’s Knowledge Integration Platform is a leading ediscovery solution that is making information across numerous apps less fragmented and more discoverable for legal teams across the globe. Combining the power of both the Onna and Zapproved platforms, allows users to:

  • Conduct real-time ediscovery collections across all unstructured data sources 
  • Maintain an audit log of all ediscovery collections
  • Enable users to run advanced searches across all data sources including specific channels and users
  • Export data in multiple formats to upload to document review platforms
  • Set up smart alerts to notify organizations any time there is sensitive or important information being transmitted
  • Create groups within Onna with service providers and outside counsel to collaborate on matters and ediscovery requests
  • Preserve and archive communications in their native, unaltered format, either wholly or in a granular fashion
  • Initiate legal holds across specific data sources, users and/or channels

“Our collaboration with Zapproved is an important milestone in providing further value to our customers across the full breadth of ediscovery. Allowing them to search both structured and unstructured data and making it more discoverable will be a key factor in legal teams being able to conduct real-time collections.” said Kelly Griswold, COO, Onna.

Rekha Shenoy, CPO, Zapproved commented, “In the past 12 months, we started to notice a trend in the market with customers moving away from managing all their retention policies, preservations and information governance in each individual application they managed. Instead they were moving towards bundling all their data into a single location. We identified Onna to be at the forefront of that movement.” Rekha continues, “Empowering users to be able to preserve and collect data wherever it lives, was a key factor in our collaboration with Onna. Providing our customers with a best-in-class collaboration solution, with tight integration, allows both Zapproved and Onna to play to their strengths.”

If you’d like to learn more about how to effectively manage your unstructured data and make information more discoverable during ediscovery, let’s chat!



Zapproved is a trusted Guardian Plus partner of EDRM, and EDRM is proud to support their efforts.

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