EDRM Announces IPRO as Newest Trusted Partner

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, September 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Setting the global standards for e-discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to announce IPRO, the market leader in predictive eDiscovery and Information Governance software solutions, has joined EDRM as a Guardian Trusted Partner. 

It’s a no-brainer for IPRO to partner with the talented team at EDRM. We’re both in the same business of educating legal professionals while disrupting the eDiscovery industry. You’ll be seeing a lot more of IPRO and EDRM!

Giorgia Favaretto-Illig, Chief Marketing Officer at IPRO

Privacy and security enabled eDiscovery technology and services will play a central role in organizations as they strive to rebound from the current global crisis as more cohesive, more stable and more productive entities. Robust e-discovery technology, supported by expertise and services, helps organizations respond to litigation, compliance and investigation demands. In a new era of remote work at scale, organizations need to securely manage information, protect confidential and privileged access and collaborate effectively to be efficient and productive and adhere to the increasing complex demands of security and data privacy frameworks.

“It’s a no-brainer for IPRO to partner with the talented team at EDRM,” said Giorgia Favaretto-Illig, Chief Marketing Officer at IPRO. “We’re both in the same business of educating legal professionals while disrupting the eDiscovery industry. You’ll be seeing a lot more of IPRO and EDRM!”

Among the EDRM opportunities and resources available to partners like Lockhaven Solutions are the ability to connect, network and contribute via EDRM projects and events, share their service and product offerings and enhance brand awareness to a global community. The EDRM community of knowledgeable, multidisciplinary professionals is building resources to enhance e-discovery, privacy, security and information governance frameworks, processes and standards.

“We are excited to welcome IPRO to our formal EDRM Trusted Partner family,” says Mary Mack, CISSP, CEO and chief legal technologist at EDRM. “IPRO impressed us with their innovative approach to eDiscovery, with the depth of their end-to-end EDRM offering, and the breadth of their endpoint indexing for identification.”

This partnership allows IPRO access to the EDRM community, comprised of 33% corporations, 30% law firms and 23% software and service providers, 12% governments with the remaining 2% being a mix of educators, students, judges and media in 136 countries spanning six continents.

Jeffrey Wolff, Director, Corporate Solutions, IPRO, will be featured on an upcoming EDRM Global Podcast Network’s Illumination Zone episode discussing his journey to eDiscovery and IPRO, IPRO’s groundbreaking new technology, Live EDA which allows true real time in place data searches before collection, and the depth of their eDiscovery and information governance tools. 

Learn more about IPRO’s solutions at https://ipro.com/

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About EDRM

Empowering the global leaders of e-discovery, the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) creates practical resources to improve e-discovery, privacy, security and information governance. Since 2005, EDRM has delivered leadership, standards, tools and guides to improve best practices throughout the world. EDRM has an international presence in 136 countries and growing and an innovative support infrastructure for individuals, law firms, corporations and government organizations seeking to improve the practice and provision of data and legal discovery. Learn more about the EDRM today at EDRM.net.

About IPRO:

IPRO revolutionizes the eDiscovery process by providing earlier, actionable insights before collection occurs, empowering legal teams to focus on what matters. We combine best-in-class governance and eDiscovery software to bring insight far earlier in the process, enabling teams inside and outside your organization to collaborate transparently at any stage before data is even collected. 

Learn more about IPRO at https://ipro.com/

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/ipro-tech

Twitter: https://twitter.com/IPRO_LLC

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Mary Mack

Mary Mack is the CEO and Chief Legal Technologist for EDRM. Mary was the co-editor of the Thomson Reuters West Treatise, eDiscovery for Corporate Counsel for 10 years and the co-author of A Process of Illumination: the Practical Guide to Electronic Discovery. She holds the CISSP among her certifications.

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