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WASHINGTON, D.C., USA, June 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ — Lockhaven Solutions, a premier Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned cybersecurity firm is proud to announce the addition of Gretchen Ruck. 

As a trusted advisor to established boards, senior executives and investors, Gretchen helps clients examine and address the impact of cyber threats, data privacy regulations and technology risks on their strategy and performance. As an innovative thought leader, Gretchen has been instrumental in shifting conversations concerning technology risk and cybersecurity from backrooms to the boardroom. 

Gretchen has held key roles at leading professional service and research firms including KPMG, Gartner, and AlixPartners. She has overseen privacy at elite universities, helping address complex regulatory issues and examining the risk of adopting new technologies. 

Gretchen is a rock star. There’s no one better in the world of cybersecurity and privacy – full stop.

Dr. Jack Dever, Lockhaven Solutions CEO  
Gretchen Ruck
Gretchen Ruck

Ms. Ruck is a leader in her field and has contributed to international dialog and cooperation through collaboration with esteemed organizations including the World Economic Forum, UN Human Rights Commission, the Obama White House, the European American Chamber of Commerce, and the French American Foundation. She is a frequent writer and speaker on topics ranging from emerging technology trends and cybercrime to advocating for diverse workplaces and inclusiveness. Her insights on current events have been featured in The Economist, Quartz, Bloomberg, Financial Times, USA Today, Mirror, Law360, and numerous other media outlets.

Gretchen holds a degree in International Business from American University and has earned industry certifications in cybersecurity, data privacy, audit, project management, risk management, and engineering. In her free time, she has served as a fiduciary in leadership roles on the boards of numerous non-profit and charitable organizations, focused on supporting the needs of children and communities and on building a diverse and inclusive society. 

“Gretchen has done it all at the highest levels: public service in the Obama White House, managing risk at world-class universities and publicly traded companies…her cross-industry experience and knowledge are second to none,” stated James Dever, Principal at Lockhaven Solutions. “We’re proud to welcome her to Lockhaven.” 

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We live in the age of eternal breach – cyber and data privacy risks permeate our lives. In this new reality we all face two immutable facts: cyber risk is the most serious of enterprise risk, and we all have limited resources at our disposal with which to address it. We stand ready to help prepare your organization for the challenges of tomorrow.

Learn more about Lockhaven Solutions and their mission at https://www.lockhavensolutions.com/

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James Dever, Esq.
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  • Dr. Jack Dever J.D., LL.M., S.J.D.

    Dr. Jack Dever J.D., LL.M., S.J.D. is the CEO of Lockhaven Solutions. Jack served as FBI Assistant General Counsel. In this role he advised on cyber operations against nation state actors and global Tier 1 operations against Al Qaeda and affiliate organizations. He was an Assistant US Attorney for the Northern District of Illinois (Chicago). In this capacity he worked on a wide array of cases, including foreign cyber espionage and data exfiltration. Jack served on active duty in the US Army as a Judge Advocate. He deployed multiple times to Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia and the Horn of Africa. He was awarded the Bronze Star and Purple Heart Medals. After leaving government service, Jack was an Executive at General Electric where he served as Global Crisis Management Leader. In this role, he developed the Business Intelligence Unit which investigated cyber fraud and financial crime. Jack went on to several enterprise risk leadership roles at several of the world’s largest banks, including GE Capital, Wells Fargo, and UBS. Jack holds a doctorate in Cyber Law. He has lectured extensively at universities, law schools and private institutions. He is Co-Director at the Center for National Security and Human Rights Law in Chicago and has published multiple peer-reviewed articles on Cyber Law, Banking Law, and National Security Law. He remains active in support of Disabled Veterans and underserved communities.

  • James Álvaro Dever, Esq.

    James Álvaro Dever, Esq.is a Principal at Lockhaven Solutions. James was a US Air Force Professor of Cyber Warfare. He taught Cyber Law, Intelligence Law, National Security Law, Privacy Law, and Space Law at the Air War College (AWC), Air Force Cyber College (AFCC), Air Force Judge Advocate General’s School (JAG School), Air Command and Staff College (ACSC), and Air Force Research Lab Information Directorate (AFRL), the nation’s premier research organization for Computers and Intelligence. In partnership with AFCC and National Security Agency (NSA) Cryptologic School colleagues, he designed new graduate degree programs in Cyber Strategy for senior military officers and Department of Defense (DoD) civilians. He has provided cyber education to senior government officials and private sector leaders from South America, Central America, Europe, Africa, Australia, and Asia. He served as a US Army Judge Advocate. He was the Cyber Warfare Judge Advocate at Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) where he provided real-time legal advice on worldwide cyber offensive, cyber defensive, and DoD information network missions. He was Chair of the Law Department at the US Army Intelligence School. He taught Cyber Law, Intelligence Law, and National Security Law to DoD military personnel and civilians. He taught Advanced Source Operations at the HUMINT Training Joint Center of Excellence (HTJCOE), served as a Cyber Law Judge Advocate at the US Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM), and was a Cyber Law liaison to the US Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM). Prior to the Army, he worked at Deloitte Cyber Risk Services. At Deloitte, he partnered with the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and helped create the Trusted Identities in Cyberspace and Privacy Engineering programs. He facilitated cybersecurity risk management for Fortune 100 companies. He has published peer-reviewed law articles and book chapters on Cyber Law, Privacy Law, and National Security Law. He has lectured about enterprise cyber risk management at diverse venues including the Congressional Cybersecurity Caucus, the American Bar Association, NYU School of Law, the US Air Force Academy, and NATO Allied Command. He has taught extensively at universities and law schools. He is Advisory Director at the Center for National Security and Human Rights Law in Chicago and Co-Director, Cyber Risk Management for Executives Program. He is on the Board of Directors at the Journal of Law & Cyber Warfare.

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