Double Double Toil and Trouble? Logikcull and IPRO Acquired by Reveal

From Bleeding Edge to Leading Edge: GAI and Reciprocal Intelligence in eDiscovery
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[EDRM Editor’s Note: This article was first published August 29, 2023 and EDRM is grateful to Rob Robinson and ComplexDiscovery for permission to republish. The opinions and positions are those of ComplexDiscovery.] 

Complex Discovery Editor’s Note: In a landmark development that promises to redefine the eDiscovery landscape, Reveal, a global provider of AI-powered eDiscovery solutions, announced the acquisition of Logikcull and IPRO, two other leading companies in the field. The transactions, valued at over $1 billion, were announced on August 29, 2023, and funded by Reveal’s majority shareholder, K1 Investment Management. This move is particularly significant for professionals in cybersecurity, information governance, and eDiscovery, as it offers a unified, end-to-end platform capable of handling any legal case at any scale.

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Reveal’s Strategic Acquisitions of Logikcull and IPRO

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Reveal’s acquisitions of Logikcull and IPRO are not just another business transaction in the legal technology sector; they mark a transformative moment that sets a new standard in legal technology. By integrating Logikcull’s user-friendly functionality and IPRO’s global reach with its own advanced AI capabilities, Reveal has created a comprehensive suite of tools that cover every stage of the eDiscovery process, from data collection to trial presentation. This integration not only enhances the efficiency of legal workflows but also democratizes access to advanced eDiscovery tools.

“The acquisitions of Logikcull and IPRO build on Reveal’s growth strategy of integrating the best and most useful technologies into one platform so customers have greater choice and control over their eDiscovery workflows,” said Wendell Jisa, Founder & CEO of Reveal. “By bringing together the strengths of all three companies, including Logikcull’s intuitive, easy-to-use functionality and IPRO’s global reach and information governance tools, Reveal is now able to serve the diverse needs of clients across the legal spectrum, from SMB to mid-market and enterprise.”

The implications of this development are profound and far-reaching. Legal professionals now have a one-stop solution that offers unprecedented choice and flexibility. Whether dealing with small-scale, straightforward cases or complex, multi-jurisdictional legal challenges, practitioners can now choose from a range of eDiscovery options to address the scale and complexity of any legal matter. This level of choice and flexibility is a significant advancement in the industry, offering optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

But the impact of Reveal’s acquisitions extends beyond the borders of any single country. With employees stationed in more than two dozen countries and a customer base of over 4,000 clients, Reveal’s global reach has expanded considerably. This enables the company to introduce its cutting-edge, AI-powered eDiscovery solutions to an untapped global legal market, further solidifying its position as a leader in the field.

Underpinning all these advancements is Reveal’s powerful AI engine, one of the most advanced in legal technology. This AI capability is embedded within every phase of the eDiscovery process, transforming both structured and unstructured data into actionable insights. The result is a complete ecosystem for the legal industry, offering solutions that range from information governance and early case assessment to legal hold, collection, processing, document review, and trial presentation.

The acquisitions of Logikcull and IPRO by Reveal have set a new precedent in the eDiscovery landscape. By bringing together diverse capabilities into a unified platform, Reveal offers a more efficient, cost-effective, and comprehensive solution for legal professionals. This development is poised to have a far-reaching impact on how legal experts approach eDiscovery, ultimately serving to streamline the process and offer better outcomes for clients.

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From Bleeding Edge to Leading Edge: GAI and Reciprocal Intelligence in eDiscovery
Image: Rob Robinson, ComplexDiscovery with Midjourney


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