Chocolate lovers and people who like to say “aar!” have their national days. So too do E-Discovery practitioners. I can’t guarantee delicious confectionery and buried treasure is decidedly out of scope. Nonetheless, our annual industry celebration has its own charms. Here are five reasons to love E-Discovery Day. 1. It’s About Community E-Discovery Day is an […]

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I have the introvert’s natural fear of crowds. Making small talk with strangers at conferences used to fill me with dread. The breakthrough came when I realized that networking is a skill and like other skills, it can be learned. With practice I’ve gotten much better at striking up a conversation with people I’ve only […]

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The return of in-person events gives rise to mingled feelings of anticipation and anxiety. Frequent questions include: Will the program be interesting? Will I know anyone there? Do my resort clothes stiill fit? The answers trend positive but vary by event. Unless you’re a supremely confident extrovert, and maybe even if you are, you need […]

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