New EDRM White Paper: E-Discovery Research Roundtable: Buyers’ Perspectives on Challenges and Solutions

December 9, 2010 – Today we publish the sixth paper in the EDRM White Paper Series: E-Discovery Research Roundtable: Buyers’ Perspectives on Challenges and Solutions.

Prepared by Jeffery Fehrman and Eric Feistel, with Integreon, this white paper reports on a recent e-discovery roundtable discussion:

Cost containment for electronic discovery is a priority for most organizations today, even to the extent that some quantified and managed risk is now deemed acceptable. This is the assessment from a research roundtable conducted by Integreon at a recent legal industry conference. During the event, Integreon brought together more than thirty participants from top corporations and law firms. These individuals represented a cross section of industry roles, including lawyers and litigation support professionals, IT managers, and compliance and records management experts. This report summarizes the key e-discovery challenges organizations are currently facing (or expect to face in the future) and the initiatives they are undertaking to address them. more…

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All opinions expressed in the EDRM White Papers are those of the authors, of course, and not of EDRM, EDRM participants, the author’s employers, or anyone else.


George Socha

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