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The Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM) is pleased to announce a white paper addressing “Professional Responsibility Considerations in AI for eDiscovery: Competence, Confidentiality, Privacy and Ownership.” Comments from the public are welcomed until February 20, 2023. Use of artificial intelligence (“AI”) tools in eDiscovery creates new opportunities for attorneys. By extracting, analyzing, and applying information from […]

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Written by Chat GPT 3.5, partly in “Comic Hipster Style” with Ralph Losey Losey to Chat: “Use a comedic hipster writing style to explain my eight steps of electronic document review.” Chat GPT 3.5 replies: “Yo dude, imagine like, you’re on this journey of enlightenment and you’re trying to find your inner peace and all […]

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Craig Ball, attorney, forensic expert, trial attorney and special master, has focused his award winning writing skills on an often overlooked, extremely important step in the EDRM:  processing. The inner workings of files, attachments, containers, duplicates, de-NISTing, hashing, families, children, parents, threading and other foundational processes are explained and diagrammed. Advanced practitioners will welcome the […]

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In new survey from Exterro, EDRM, and BDO, judges say attorney education on e-discovery is lacking LegalTech News | 2.23.18 “. . . judges aren’t enthused with the e-discovery competency of the attorneys who appear before them. Exterro Inc.’s 2018 Federal Judges Survey Report was revealed in full today, with participation in the reporting from […]

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Benchmarking report co-produced by Exterro, EDRM, and BDO Consulting shows in-house legal teams moving to control more of their legal processes Nov. 2 – A new study produced by EDRM Duke Law, Exterro, and BDO Consulting finds that in-house legal departments continue to take control of their legal and e-discovery processes by shifting work in-house and […]

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Executive Summary In eDiscovery, we maintain many bad habits from the pre-digital age. However, we have lost sight of one great habit: a preliminary walk- through of boxes containing material potentially relevant for disclosure. This ritual gave the discovery team a chance to get the lay of the land. The team could get a general […]

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I. Executive Overview / Introduction We live in an increasingly digital world where technology changes quickly and the only recognized absolute is there will be more data to manage tomorrow. The unprecedented growth of content, combined with complex regulatory and legal obligations and ever-increasing pressure from the business to do more with less, has left […]

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Information Governance Strategy and Practice in Action EDRM Information Governance Reference Model (IGRM)CGOC (Compliance, Governance and Oversight Council) “It would be helpful if systems were in place to get rid of the junk. Part of the reason e-discovery is so expensive is because companies have so much data that serves no business need … Companies […]

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July 11, 2013 – In a pair of white papers published today, EDRM member Wade Peterson, writing on behalf of the EDRM Native Files Project, proposes the creation and adoption of a new ENF (encapsulated native file) standard for the production of native files.

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June 21, 2013 – Today we published another paper in the EDRM White Paper Series: Control Sets: Introducing Precision, Recall, and F1 into Relativity Assisted Review.

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