Tales From the Recruitment Field: Spooky Treats to Prepare for 2021

Halloween pumpkins and candy corn

We are in the final push to the end of what has been quite a year.  For some, it has been a year filled with abundance and opportunity, for others, a significant period of question.  Regardless of what side of 2020 you landed, what is common to all is the level of uncertainty each of us carries for the future. Uncertainty always existed; it is just shining in the light this year. So what happens, we become shy to stepping out and taking a risk, complacent in what we tolerate, and numb to our ultimate worth. 

When we start to accept these as standard, it affects our spirit, momentum, and opportunity. We begin to allow the limiting beliefs we carry to take a front seat in our lives, choices, and actions, thus creating the pause.  Are you in a pause period right now? A pause period is a place where we continue to do the same things over and over and expect a different, result without any movement.  Working from home and limiting sociability, you know what this looks like if you have a routine.  If you are not working, maybe some extra habits have kicked in questioning your choices? 

When you make the shift from pause to action, you are taking the pumpkin filled with candy, dumping it out on the table, and throwing away those things that no longer suit your appetite.

Now, the pause period can be beneficial! How we use this time makes a world of difference.   We could pause and choose to take on day drinking and movie binges until New Year’s Eve. If you are currently selecting this route, it may fulfil you for the moment, but long-term, the overarching results may be less than par. Or, we could repurpose this time and use it wisely to stop our GPS from re-rerouting and get back on the track toward positive momentum in all aspect of our lives. 

How do we stop the constant re-routing of our life’s GPS? Here are your spooky treats:

  1. Stop moving with the opinions of others. Just because you like Hot Tamales, doesn’t mean I have to eat them (I gave up sugar anyway!). Now, I choose to believe that everyone wants to step forward with good intent, and when they don’t, it just means that they are hurting in some way.  In some cases, this shows my naivety, but also my trust in humanity.  It is good to research a decision and allow trusted partners to weigh in, but ultimately, you have to take accountability for your choices. This process requires great personal discernment and genuinely understanding what you want and your why behind that choice.  When we move with the opinions of others, then we can blame our choices on someone else, which reduces our accountability to ourselves and becomes an excuse. Gather all your intel. Get all the feedback. Then use the pause period to unpack the data from all angles.  Make a decision.
  2. Avoid complacency like the Circus Peanuts in a child’s candy haul! Thirty years in the recruitment field has shown me that complacency equates to stagnation and career downturns. The internet definition of complacency is this, “a feeling of quiet pleasure or security, often while unaware of some potential danger, defect, or the like; self-satisfaction or smug satisfaction with an existing situation, condition, etc.” When we are complacent, we assume that we will stand firm where we are in our career. It is in this stance that we cannot see what decisions a company, firm, or organization is making behind the scenes that could ultimately impact ourselves. So then we stagnate until decisions are made to us and for us, leaving us uncertain of the future, not trusting of people and process, and worst of all, second-guessing who we are at our core.  Can anyone relate? Take off the rucksack filled with the Circus Peanuts of complacency and lighten your load, by taking back your career road map and direct your life’s GPS to where you want it to go. Make a shift in mindset. 
  3. Sometimes you have to spend some money to find the Golden Ticket. What would have happened if Charlie didn’t use Grandpa Jo’s money to buy the winning “Wonka” bar? Do you remember the movie? It was Charlie’s goal to get into Wonka’s chocolate factory, and as a result, it got Grandpa Jo out of bed and motivated to go do something, “a world of pure imagination”. So many things to say here, but to stay focused, the Golden Ticket did not drop from the sky or mysteriously end up in Charlie’s lap. He had to invest in his time, talent, and treasure to accomplish what he set out to do.  We do too. There are so many opportunities to learn new things. Lou Holtz said. “In this world, you’re either growing, or you’re dying, so get in motion and grow.” Get a Career Coach, someone who will hold you accountable to your goals and strategize.  Career Coaches come with all kinds of crazy fees, so make sure you find a person you can trust and is in alignment with your budget.  Hire a resume writer, someone who can look at your resume strategically and create one more in alignment to where you are going. Join a group that aligns with your career aspirations. Volunteer your time to help others. 

When you make the shift from pause to action, you are taking the pumpkin filled with candy, dumping it out on the table, and throwing away those things that no longer suit your appetite. Take what is left and prioritize. Move toward action by creating steps, or a plan toward where you want to go. Share your valuethrough connecting and networking.  Use your 2020 pause for future gain. What is the alternative? 


Laureen Kautt BCC

Recognized for building and evolving global talent acquisition functions, Laureen Kautt is a Global Talent Acquisition Executive and Board Certified Coach (BCC) who integrates a 360-degree view into the function and strategy for building and evolving talent acquisition functions for global organizations. Her expertise engages companies to rethink the way they view recruitment and talent. By translating her decades of agency recruitment experience to corporate, Laureen provides talent acquisition consultation to large global companies offering recruitment practices and strategies across North America, EMEA, and APAC. Laureen is a speaker, author, and trainer. She authors her own column on Recuiter.com, “Confessions of a Corporate Talent Acquisition Leader” and is frequently asked to contribute to national and global publications on the topic of recruiting. She is requested to sit on panel discussions aligned with corporate talent acquisition technology and innovation. Laureen is also the Founder and Principal Coach of Volitionary Movement, LLC, where she is engaged for individual, group, and corporate coaching, outplacement services, talent acquisition recruitment training, and job-seeking seminars. She is master trained and certified on strategic intervention coaching methods and strategies from Tony Robbins-Cloe Madanes Strategic Intervention Coaching (RMT). Laureen is currently engaged by DISCO as the Senior Talent Advisor for their Sales and Go to Market in the US and EMEA.

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