The Leadership VoT™ How did we do things before? Gosh even the old movies have been virtualized. With the recent loss of Sean Connery (my favorite Bond), I clicked one of my favorites, “Dr. No”. Which is your favorite?  I encourage you to watch some of these movies from the “olden days” (as my kids call […]

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We are in the final push to the end of what has been quite a year.  For some, it has been a year filled with abundance and opportunity, for others, a significant period of question.  Regardless of what side of 2020 you landed, what is common to all is the level of uncertainty each of us carries […]

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I’ve been thinking about the famous quote, typically attributed to Albert Einstein, that says the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. This year I am contemplating this principle across areas of my life from working in an office, self-care, financial independence, career pathing, and […]

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