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The world of privacy is constantly changing. New legislation is passed and new regulations come into effect on a regular basis. Data protection authorities update their guidance, new threats and threat actors emerge, and new technology is developed even more frequently. With so much happening, it’s understandable for privacy experts to sometimes feel like their […]

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Hat tip to David Greetham for this story! One worker in Japan could be nursing a protracted hangover after he lost a USB memory stick following a night out with colleagues. Why? It contained the personal details of nearly half a million people. As reported by the BBC (Japanese man loses USB stick with entire […]

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AJ Shankar, founder and CEO of EDRM Trusted Partner, Everlaw, sits down with Kaylee & Mary to talk about Everlaw Clustering, just released and included in existing cloud native Everlaw instances. From ECA to Privilege quality control, the scale and ease of use were explored, as well as the ability to overlay predictive scores or other coding in the highly visual interactive interface.

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(Originally published by Law360, Portfolio Media, June 15, 2022, 3:06 PM EDT) In October 2016, AT&T Inc. announced its plan to merge with entertainment company Time Warner Inc., a historic $85 billion deal that was widely publicized and combined two historic companies. During the final days before the announcement of the merger agreement, my own […]

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Dear EDRM Community, The word of the week is enlivened.  Before the summer solstice, Spain and France join the US Western states in battling drought encouraged wildfires.  Barristers representing criminal defendants went on strike in London.  And a hack on the blockchain has gone unanswered. EDRM thanks our Trusted Partner, Everlaw, and especially Joan Davis and Chuck Kellner, for […]

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[Editor’s Note: EDRM is proud to support the educational efforts of our Trusted Partners.] From a legal perspective, email is one of the riskiest forms of communication for a company due to the vast amount of messages that employees send and receive every day. Luckily, businesses can reduce risk by having a robust email eDiscovery […]

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One of the great things about all the cases I cover on eDiscovery Today is that we proceed to discuss them within the month on the EDRM monthly case law webinar that I moderate with excellent observations from Tom O’Connor (Director of the Gulf Legal Technology Center), Mary Mack (CEO and Chief Legal Technologist of EDRM) and Hon. Andrew […]

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Inadvertently Disclosed Warrant Application Against Apple in a Criminal Investigation Against Retired Marine General Reveals Latest DOJ Search Procedures, the Dangers of Pacer and Too Much Court Record Transparency, and Much More- Part One According to a June 7, 2022, New York Times report: Federal prosecutors have obtained records indicating that John R. Allen, the […]

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Dear EDRM Community, The word of the week is safer.   After demonstrations by gun safety advocates, a bipartisan group of senators announced a framework they believe will withstand a filibuster.  Microsoft announced they have ended noncompetes and nondisclosures and will commission and publish the results of a third-party civil rights audit toward creating a more collegial work environment.  Even as a […]

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This article is the conclusion to my three-part review of Robophobia by Professor Andrew Woods. Robophobia, 93 U. Colo. L. Rev. 51  (Winter, 2022). See here for Part 1 and Part 2 of my review. This may seem like a long review, but remember Professor Woods article has 24,614 words, not that I’m counting, including […]

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