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Everlaw Maps an Easier Path to True Discovery with Unsupervised Learning Breakthrough [Editor’s Note: EDRM is proud to amplify our Trusted Partner’s press releases.] OAKLAND, Calif. — June 8, 2022 — Everlaw, the cloud-native investigation and litigation platform, unveiled its Clustering software feature today, delivering an AI breakthrough in terms of its scale, visualization, ease […]

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Andreas Mueller is the founder and CEO of Downstreem. In this episode, we discuss the multiple degrees he earned by age 20 – including one in the culinary arts – moving from Germany to the United States, fatherhood, and why Downstreem chose to stay narrowly focused on mobile device forensics in a “one-stop-shop” world. Pour a glass of sauvignon blanc and listen in!

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Dear EDRM Community, The word of the week is family.  As parents of the wee ones see light at the end of the tunnel for vaccines and formula, all families are facing the sucking sound of gas money emptying the coffers. Travel to family, whether air or car, is different, with a need for more flexibility in […]

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This new connection point creates a more seamless experience for global customers in the cloud  [Editor’s Note: EDRM is proud to amplify the press releases of our Trusted Partners.] CHICAGO, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Relativity, a global legal and compliance technology company, today announced an integration with Box, the leading Content Cloud, to enable RelativityOne users to collect data […]

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[Editor’s Note: EDRM is proud to amplify the educational efforts of our Trusted Partners.] Since its inception in 2005, eDiscovery has taken on many forms—evolving with us to keep up with the colossal data demands of today. Even so, many law firms, corporations, service providers, and government agencies have not moved on from using the […]

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With Memorial Day weekend behind us, many people are celebrating the unofficial start of summer. And summer is almost always a blessing—nicer weather, beach vacations, shorter Fridays (if you’re lucky)—you’ve got to think that IT professionals in the legal industry are probably breathing a sigh of relief and hoping for a nice, relaxing summer after […]

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Relativity’s Stellar Women’a Blair (Heidenreich) Cohen sits down with Kaylee & Mary in a Crossover Podcast continuing the conversation on mental health and overcoming cave syndrome. Traditional extroverts are weighing comfort at home against the joy and anxiety involved in gathering, with some hints on enjoying.

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Primum non nocere is a Latin phrase that means “first, do no harm.” This principle is commonly taught in healthcare. In fact, the Hippocratic Oath, taken by doctors, promises they will abstain from doing harm to their patients. Though the exact phrase “do no harm” isn’t included in the original Hippocratic Oath (contrary to popular […]

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In civil litigation or regulatory inquiries, parties often must engage in electronic discovery, also known as eDiscovery, which is the process of identifying, preserving, collecting, reviewing, and producing electronically stored information that is potentially relevant in the matter to the requesting party. The goal is to discover (i.e., find) potentially relevant documents to produce, while […]

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Dear EDRM Community, The word for this week is emerge.  Lithuanian citizens crowdsourced a drone and the winners of Eurovision turned their trophy into $900,000 for another one in support of their neighbor’s resistance to invasion.  In the US, after back-to-back slaughters of shoppers, seniors and fourth graders, conversation has shifted from gun control to gun safety with the opposite poles […]

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